Indoor Air Quality

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You Deserve the Cleanest Air Possible

Air Scrubber by AERUS

  • Certified Space Technology continuously protects and purifies the air, and attacks contaminants on all surfaces
  • Reduces particles that can irritate allergies and asthma
  • Protects heating and cooling systems from dust buildup
  • ActivePure® Technology substantially reduces odors, visible smoke in the air, and microbial populations on surfaces

Honeywell 24V UV Air Purifier

  • Deactivates airborne and surface contaminants like mold, bacteria, and viruses
  • Ultraviolet light addresses contaminants such as surface mold on your air conditioning coils
  • Helps improve overall air quality, comfort and HVAC efficiency in your home
  • Helps eliminate odors caused by pets, cooking and other sources

REME HALO® Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier

  • Dual ionizers reduce dust, dander, pollen, and mold
  • Kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses
  • 3-foot sneeze “kill zone”
  • Eliminates unwanted odors
  • Hooks up to your existing central HVAC system
  • Hydrogen Peroxide plasma cell eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs)

Lennox PureAir™ S Whole-Home Air Filtration System

The only single indoor air quality system to attack all three contaminants:
  • Particles – dust, pollen and pet dander are 95% removed
  • Bioaerosols & Microorganisms – dust mites, bacteria, and mold are 90% removed
  • Odors & Chemical Vapors – 50% of household odors are removed in 24 hours

American Standard ACCUCLEAN Whole-Home Air Filtration System

  • Removes up to 99.98% of allergens
  • Catches particles down to .1 micron in size
  • 8x more effective than the best HEPA appliance
  • 100x more effective than a standard 1 inch filter
  • Reusable filter can be cleaned by vacuuming
  • Eliminates the need for regular air filters
  • Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America